Today’s funny comics. Subtitle. Two ways I appreciate the boyfriend.

Thank goodness I took the band Journey’s adage to heart and learned eventually that “lovin’ a music man ain’t always what it’s supposed to be.”  If I hadn’t left drummers behind, not only would I be marking time through endless drum solos, but also I wouldn’t have met Matt.

I grew up in a family that watched spectator sports.  Baseball and football mostly, but also college basketball.  So I am quite familiar with this interview.  And thank goodness the boyfriend has absolutely no interest in spectator sports so I don’t have to listen to this interview any longer.

More happenings at the Kenton Max stop

This motel, which is no longer a motel, but some sort of way station for adults with small children, is getting a paint job.  But why must they paint all in brown, which not only is a bad color for grey-skied Portland, but just reminds me of my K-12 institutions color choices of: horrible brown, horrible green, horrible cream.

However, the sun is making very nice shadows of the cow silhouettes at the Kenton Max stop.  There are cow silhouettes at this Max stop because once upon a time, the cows use to come off of the train from Eastern Oregon, and march their way to the slaughterhouse where the Expo Center now is. 

Three sentence movie reviews: Treme Season 2

Season two is all about moving on.  Sure, a hurricane (and some other factors) completely destroyed your city and sure you are fighting your way back, and for sure there will be a lot of day-to-day grind because that’s how great tragedy is: exhausting.  At least there are moments of laughter and always, always, always, the music is there.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

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