“If that ball goes up there, you aren’t getting it back until the janitor can get on the roof”

I can just hear the recess monitor now.  The funny part about this is that I took the picture standing on the staircase that heads down to the playground.  But the balls on the roof are so tantalizing, just at my eye level.

Williams Ave and just one picture from our food tour.

Matt, his mother Linda and I are on our way to a Forktown Food Tour of N. Mississippi Street.  I wanted to update you on the ch-ch-ch-changes on N. Williams Avenue first.  This sign was photographed in January.

Across the street, this building has undergone a huge transformation.  I even have compare/contrast photos for you.  Now:

Here’s what it looked like on 1/28:

And here’s just one picture from our food tour.  That is a huge shelf of bitters.  Read more about it here.