Three sentence movie reviews: Funny Face

While there were some delightful moments (the beatnik dance scene, the fashion shoots, the song and dance by Hepburn/Kay Thompson) I spent most of the film being annoyed by the creepy May/December romance, and the fact that Audrey Hepburn does not have a funny face, she’s a female beauty icon.  Also, I hate when Fred Astaire sings and Audry Hepburn, while she does have her moments, has a lot of “eh” signing in this film.  I spent most of the movie waiting for Kay Thompson to reappear, because she was the triple threat of this particular motion picture.*

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.

*Don’t get me wrong, Hepburn and Astaire are fabulous double threats.  They just aren’t the best singers.

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Not a part of my world.

This picture is taking up the entire side of a store that sells fancy athletic gear.  You know, the kind of guys who put on their “nice” athletic shoes when it’s time to go out.  I walked around the corner one morning and was confronted by these gentlemen and thought, “I am not a part of this culture.”  They look like nice young men, though.