Three sentence movie reviews: The Departed.

I loved this on first viewing, way back in 2007 and then I forgot nearly everything, which made this viewing almost as fun as the first.  Incredibly intense, enough so that Jack Nicholson was not his usual annoying self.  There is a lot to like here, but I think my favorite thing (except the venerable bad boy scene) was Mark Wahlberg as the entirely unapologetic and annoying jerk who gets to do the best thing in the movie.

Cost: Free from library.  (My hold came in just as I was resolving to walk to the video store because I just could not go another day without watching this.)
Where watched: at home.
Note. Unless at the theater with me, Matt usually watches movies in bits over a few days.  He eats some breakfast, stops the DVD, lunch, etc.  Not this one. He put it in, started eating his dinner, finished eating his dinner and just kept watching.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Departed.”

  1. This is absolutely a movie that has to be finished in one sitting. It's like one of those books that you just can't put down.

  2. It seems that it was kismet for you to watch this just as you wanted to do so! How nice that the hold came in just as you could no longer hold out for it. It's nice that the movie was just as intense and enjoyable a second time.

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