A study in contrasts


From Time Magazine, an article about top teenagers.  What struck me first was the difference between the two young women.  Kylie Jenner, looking just like the fashion icon she is, contrasted with Olivia Hallisey who looks like a very nice girl, one who I want to whisper to her to stand up straight.  And which young woman do you want your daughter to be?  The one who developed a better way to test for Ebola, or the one with cosmetically enhanced lips who has 60 million social media followers?  I’d love to see more coverage of young women with flat hair and no makeup who need to throw back their shoulders.  And maybe less of young women who are models and reality TV stars.

2 thoughts on “A study in contrasts”

  1. Gosh, it makes me so sad that all the Kardashian/Jenner girls look exactly alike because they all go to the same plastic surgeon. I was kind of hoping that the two Jenner girls would escape the madness, but it seems that both of the adults in their lives crave the limelight.

    1. I was reading in Vanity Fair about all the plastic surgery Caitlyn Jenner had during the transition and it was a lot! So when people say, “she’s so beautiful as a woman!” I think but don’t say, “um, I would hope so after she had all that work.”

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