One thought on “Funny Kid Sayings.”

  1. Hee hee! Last week some of my slow-pokes in 2nd grade were taking their sweet time cutting out words to glue on to note cards. 1/2 of my kids were done and the rest of us were ready to move on. Do note, they had had 2 different sessions to complete this task… so I am not being mean in this statement. I had not started to do my cards, so I challenged my remainders to a contest to see who could beat Ms. S. My little girl from Bolivia, who speaks to me in both Enhglish and Spanish all of the time, tucker her chair in…looked at me and said “You and me, Ms. S. You and me.” That cracked me up, because she also pointed at me and then at herself. Then she said “Bring it!” I really LOVE this girl, she is really a doll!!! Just goes to show how quick ESL kids pick up social language from their peers! Kids are so funny! -S

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