A carrot.

I know you are out there reading, some of you. I know that some of you read regularly. I know that not all of you are Sara and my mother. But you never comment. You may not have a blog, so you might not know that comments are kind of like crack. Once you get one, you want so many more. So don’t be shy. Comment away.

Maybe you don’t have anything to say, and that’s totally fine. But I’m guessing when you read a post, you think to yourself, “Interesting,” or “I never knew that.” or “What?” or “She spelled “reclaimed” wrong and wrote “of” when she meant “all” and she incorrectly uses quotes within quotes.” Just take a second and throw that thought into the comment page.

Before I had a blog, I never commented. I was a bit shy and it felt weird putting my thought up there. I was worried I wouldn’t spell something right or didn’t have anything profound to say. Now I just comment as a matter of course, on almost every single post I read, especially if I am personally acquainted with the person who is blogging. You may not want to comment on every post, but once in awhile would be nice. I would love it so much.

I would love it so much that I’m starting an incentive program. The first five people who comment on this post and say something–anything–about any of the previous posts on this blog will get a little something homemade by me in their mailbox. If this is successful in the future I will embed prizes in blog posts. Or, random posts with more than just a Sara comment will get prizes. Don’t be shy. Comment today.

p.s. Matt Johnston is exempt from this program. I know he doesn’t read this blog (which I find a small failing in the boyfriend department) but I have a feeling if I tell him I am doing this he will wander over and comment. Nice try, Matt. You might want to read regularly.

9 thoughts on “A carrot.”

  1. LOVE the new profile picture!!! FABULOUS!!!

    I couldn’t help getting in on this…as your commenter du jour! 🙂 I don’t need further incentive (you leave comments for me)- so save you goodies for the next 5 people who comment, they should get mail goodness! -S

  2. This would be Sara’s mom who reads your blog regularly and loves it. Quietly and with much enjoyment. I thank you for the effort you put into it and the places it takes me in thought. I have been saved by Sara and Shawn’s blog. ( otherwise I would have not been able to tolerate them living sooo far away) Thanks again for the lift you bring to my days. Kathy

  3. miss patricia, I was informed of the incentive program this evening over dinner with sara and shawn, so you are getting some d.c. love on the blog. How is your garden coming along, maybe I should peruse the blog to see if there are any pictures. I love the profile picture as well!

  4. No fair – Sara and Shawn hogged the first 3 spots. I cry fowl (spelling?). I want a re-count. I should be in the top 5!!!! This is like Florida all over again.

  5. What do you care about Florida? Your guy won. Or has a miracle occured and you’ve come over to the good guys? 🙂

    Here’s my count: Shawn, Kathie, Jess, APRIL!. That leaves room for one more.

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