Their uniform

Walking back to the house, I snapped a picture of these two girls.
They are clearly wearing their unofficial high school uniform of the moment: Uggs, skinny jeans, plain white long sleeved t-shirts, long hair, worn down.

When I was in high school my unofficial uniform was: converse high tops–laced up to the second grommet from the top–baggy jeans, baggy t-shirt with funny sayings and hair either worn down or up in a scrunchie.

What was your unofficial uniform?

One thought on “Their uniform”

  1. You forgot flannel shirt to cover on days it was cold.

    I don’t think I had a uniform. But my general mode during high school was to try to cover up my body by wearing overly large boys clothing and over sized pants. Of course I wore skirts and other things. I think it was also pants (jeans or khakis) with a long sleeve buttons down shit, tucked in and bloused out. There was a time that the pants would have been pegged…but April got me to stop doing that pretty quickly…short people probably should never peg their pants! 🙂 -S

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