17 ways to live happily…

17 ways to live happily on what you make.

I make okay money now, so it is easier to live happily on my salary. Now that I have broken through the $12.00/hour barrier, there is more living and less juggling. I’ve had lean years, but they have (mostly) been abundant anyway because I do my best to be happy with what I have and try my best to limit my wants.

Suze Orman, financial planning guru, says that everyone she councils, whether they make $150,000 a year or $20,000 per year, wishes they made just about $500.00 a month more than they do. If only, her clients tell her, they just made $500.00 more per month everything would be fine. What I take away from that story is that I will never really have enough, enough, but I might be able to happily make do with what I have.

The over the next few weeks, I’ll publish 17 things I’ve learned about living well on what I have.

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