17 ways to live happily…clothing.

Avoid new clothes.
Clothes cost a lot of money. And really, how many times do you wear that item before you are done with it? I don’t really like to spend very much money on clothing, but I also don’t like cheaply constructed clothing. The solution: your local thrift or consignment store. By doing all your shopping at either of those two places you will save a bundle. It may not be the latest, latest fashion, but really, do you keep up with fashion that much? I thought not. You just want clean, presentable, comfortable clothes that don’t scream 1976. My exceptions: underwear, bras and shoes

One thought on “17 ways to live happily…clothing.”

  1. I know you are right, but I just LOVE new clothes!!! We have some very shi-shi consignment places here. I need to check them out…but Jimmy Choo and Ferragamo are still pretty expensive on consignment! -S

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