I voted!

Though I 90% love the vote by mail system we have in Oregon, I hate it on election day when I don’t get to go to my local polling station and step into the booth, make my choices and step out to hand in my ballot and hear “Patricia Collins has voted!” a phrase that always made me feel squirmy inside, a bit of embarrassment mixed with pride. And we never get “I voted” stickers. I hate that. So this year, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Using my friend the Internet, I located a roll of my very own “I voted” stickers. They even say “I voted by mail” which is much more specific than I had in mind when I went looking for them. I am going to hand out these stickers to everyone who has voted so they can proudly wear them on election day. And since I have a roll of 1000, I can do this for every election for a long, long time.

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