The music at church this week was burbling with joy. There was a huge turnout, even on a gray day in November for the 9:15 service. You could feel the happiness and relief and the joy that the election was over and we had turned a corner.

You too can listen along thanks to the magic of YouTube:
Prelude: “The Entertainer” Scott Joplin

Introit: “Walk Together Children” Spiritual Arranged by Moses Hogan, sung by the Chamber Choir (our “A” choir)

Hymn #203 “All Creatures of the Earth and Sky”

Doxology #123 “Spirit of Life.” We sing this every week. There is no good choral version of this online, so you can listen to this solo.

Offertory: Prelude #2 by George Gershwin

Anthem “The Promise of Living” from Tender Land by Aaron Copland, sung by the Chamber Choir

Hymn #149 “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (One of my top five favorites in our Hymnal.)
Sheesh it is hard to find an equivalent of how we sing this on You Tube. We sing it fast and straight through. I’m not so thrilled with this arrangement, but it was the best I could find.

Postlude: Hoe-down from Rodeo by Aaron Copland. But played on an organ.

I found myself wondering if they chose such joyous music long ago, because if the election came out the way we wanted we would celebrate and if it did not, we could be cheered by it. But for all I know they came in Wednesday morning and said, “Let’s go with the happy stuff.”

However it was chosen, it was a joy to experience, and we did sing out.

2 thoughts on “Joy!”

  1. How nice. The Entertainer – an interesting church choice. That isn’t meant to be judgmental- just an observation. That one isn’t in the hymnal, is it? =S

  2. Nope. The only things from the hymnal were the ones with numbers. The prelude and postlude tend to be a classical piece of something or other.

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