Bus tips.

First in an occasional series.
When riding the bus, or any kind of public transportation, take a seat. If you feel like standing, move to the rear of the bus. Do not stand at the front of the bus near the driver. When you do that people have trouble getting onto the bus and everyone’s commute takes longer.

One thing that often happens on semi-crowded buses, is that people will “move to the back” but stop at about the point where the woman is wearing the tan coat, instead of walking up the rear steps all the way to the back of the bus. Then other people can’t get by them, so the front of the bus becomes quite crowded while often there are still some seats left in the very back. If people would instead walk all the way to the very back of the bus, more people would be transported more comfortably.

Remember, the key to happy public transportation is to not only watch out for yourself, but your fellow travelers too.

One thought on “Bus tips.”

  1. I have stood at the front when there are only two stops left after my own AND the bus is jam-packed. That is the case when I ride home from school – it is close to the metro and slightly walkable – if I feel like it. But I agree that you have to pay very close attention to the other riders! I like this new feature. -S

    Reader missed this one…

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