The fall of lice.

The autumn of 2008 has had some big milestones, but for me the end of 2008 will always be the period in which a significant portion of my work life was caught up in the lice infestation that began in September and was still going as of mid-December. I lost track of the number of full school lice inspections that I did with Tara and Maureen. My presence in a classroom eventually became synonymous with those lice inspections. One day in early November, I walked into Allegra’s classroom to ask her a question and Mina piped up: “Do we have a lice inspection today?”

I’m hoping that the three-week break will bring an end to this particularly hardy strain, but I’m also worried that without our constant emails about the state of the lice infestation, the lice have been colonizing heads, ready to come back stronger than ever. For the sake of the parents and staff, I hope that isn’t the case.

3 thoughts on “The fall of lice.”

  1. Yick! Knock on wood…no lice in my room…hope it stays that way! I have had my share of lice infestations when I taught at CES. hope it is gone! -S

  2. Oh man! We have not had that hit our school yet – I don’t think I would do very well with it. My girls have so much hair – I won’t even go there. I hope it is over for you too!!

  3. Oh, brings back memories of the good old days. My favorite, looking down at the top of a seated students head and seeing the hair moving around. He wasn’t sitting under a fan.
    Second was seeing the plastic garbage bags on the first grade class’s coat hooks. They could not get rid of the lice so finally took to a garbage bag for each student. OH, MY HEAD ITCHES.

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