Summary of Resolution 2008

It was long. It was hard. I fell off the wagon more than once, but I am glad I made this resolution. I’ve made new letter friends (all about 30 years older than me) and have reacquainted myself with some old friends as well as the pen and the paper, rather than the computer and the keyboard. I love the stamps, the paper and envelopes and also pulling a letter out of the mailbox and curling up on the couch to read it. In 2009 I will try to write three letters per week. This was too much fun to give up after only one year.

My resolution for 2009? The infinitely easier and much less time consuming.”eat while sitting down.”

4 thoughts on “Summary of Resolution 2008”

  1. My resolution:
    **to daily connect with people I care about
    This can be done by:
    -phone calls
    -blog comments
    -an outing together

    And I have done pretty well. I need to create my log of the connecting so I can be sure that I keep on top of it. What do you think? -S

  2. I think this is a GREAT resolution! Superfabulous that addresses a few things that have come up in letters. Two thoughts. 1) The log might sink the whole thing unless it is easy to update. I had a little trouble with this with the letter project. 2)How often do you get to count Shawn? 🙂

    ps. I sometimes think this blog is a long conversation between the two of us. 🙂 Everyone else is welcome to join the conversation. All you have to do is comment.

  3. I really loved your Xmas/New Year’s card. Your list was great; it was so Patricia. Great concept and execution.

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