Three sentence movie reviews–Mala Noche.

I find it remarkable this film was made in 1985, it seems so contemporary and blatantly homosexual. Another of Van Sant’s “filmed in Portland where I work” although 20+ years before I started working there. Tim Streeter, who plays the main character is magnetic.

This is the first movie Gus Van Sant made. When I started my Gus Van Sant movie viewing project, it hadn’t been released on DVD and wasn’t really available, so I skipped it. Now you can see it as part of the Criterion Collection. I, for one, am very glad it is available.

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One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews–Mala Noche.”

  1. This looks like a NFS movie. That would be a Not for Sara Movie. Not sure why, but I like fluffy escapist stuff the most… -S

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