Whew. Thank goodness for the guidlines.

Okay, these are probably the most boring posts ever, but they are really keeping me in line. This morning, after not sleeping well last night, I really wanted to just go back to bed. But I couldn’t do that because I would have to mention it in the guidelines report. Also, as you will see below, I didn’t really meet my work requirement or my exercise requirement yesterday so I have already made plans to come closer to meeting both of them today. I’m on day 11 or so of these guidelines and I haven’t collapsed in food coma yet, nor have I lost a whole day doing nothing. I’m finding a good balance between work and leisure. So thank goodness for posts about guidelines.

  • Up and dressed to the shoes. Did it.
  • 1 hour study math test. I did
  • 1 hour blogs. I did.
  • 1 hour exercise. It was pouring when I got up and I put it off. Which means I didn’t do it.
  • 4 hours work. Hmmm. There was a good half hour or more of picking up. And, if you count doing my laundry I totally met this guideline. However, in doing my laundry what I was really doing was watching multiple episodes of Sports Night. So I didn’t really meet this goal.
  • Keep up with dishes and picking up. Yes
  • Nap maximum time 30 minutes. No nap.
  • Eat when hungry stop when full. Yep
  • Plan food the day before. Yes
  • Fruit and vegges watching movies. Yes.

All in all, not a bad day. And Sports Night is a great show.

One thought on “Whew. Thank goodness for the guidlines.”

  1. I need to instate some sort of guidelines for myself. It has been a busy week at work and that means its been pretty slug-central ta home! Drives me nuts – but I am stuck to the couch! -S

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