Best of the Movies Viewed in 2008 Awards.

Welcome to the first Best Movies Patricia Watched in 2008 awards. We have no celebrity presenters here, or sparkly statues or celebrity gift bags, or even dinner and drinks, so without further ado:

Most surprising movie:
Best message about achievement, success, education and community:
Akeelah and the Bee

Best movie for the whole family:

City of Ember

Little movie I loved:


Best double feature:

Before Sunrise/Sunset

Thank goodness for the Criterion Collection Award:
Mala Noche

Best at presenting multiple perspectives:

Best movie where you are the wedding guest:
Rachael Getting Married

Most quiet, delightful, must see movie:
The Band’s Visit

The funniest movie I watched in 2008:

The award for “No cow is sacred”
Tropic Thunder

Best nerd fantasy movie:

Movie that I eagerly anticipated and HATED
The Dark Knight

The “should have not picked up the hat and whip again” award:
Indiana Jones and the Return of the Crystal Skull

My favorite movie watched in 2008
All the Real Girls

Best movie to sit back and experience:

Best movie for launching a reading obsession:

Gone, Baby Gone

The movie that hit the spot:
Iron Man

The movie I really felt like I should like, but found kind of boring:

Miss Pettygrew Lives for a Day

The movie people should see even if they don’t think they like animated features

Best use of “Eye of the Tiger” since the 80s

Best “I forgot to breathe for an hour of gripping drama:
No Country for Old Men

Movie that provoked the most interesting reaction:
Charlie Wilson’s War

Movie that affected my psyche for days:


Movie I was sure I would like based on the director and the buzz, but didn’t.
George Washington

You can find three sentences about almost all of these movies, by clicking on “three sentence movies” in the tag cloud.

2 thoughts on “Best of the Movies Viewed in 2008 Awards.”

  1. I loved this! A nice recounting of your year of movies. And the awards you handed out – very clever and funny. Yay you! -S

    PS-Welcome to January!

  2. I like that! I haven’t seen half of these! I felt just the same way about Miss Pettygrew. I sat there in the theater afterward thinking, “Is that it?” It didn’t feel as though I ought to have been charged for seeing that. Felt very PBS.

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