Guidelines, vacation is nearing its end.

I took yesterday off from my guidelines and had a day of sloth. There was much consumptive entertainment. So here is the report from Wednesday:

  • Up and dressed to the shoes. I did do that. Oh wait. Wednesday was the day that I hauled myself out of bed, fed the cat, read on the couch for about a half-hour and then fell asleep for 2.5 hours. So I didn’t do that.
  • 1 hour study math test. I only made it 37 minutes.
  • 1 hour blogs. I did do this.
  • 1 hour exercise. I had a 90 minute yoga class to welcome in the new year. I also took a 30 minute walk to get the milk.
  • 4 hours work. Nope. After my nap/going back to bed I did the blog/math routine and then watched Sports Night until my evening plans started.
  • Keep up with dishes and general picking up. I did do that.
  • Nap maximum time 30 minutes. Nope
  • Eat only when hungry, stop when full. I did a good job of that.
  • Plan food the day before. I did do that.
  • Fruit and veggies while watching movie. I did this. I don’t actually think I ate.

So, on one hand, I missed a lot of my goals. But I am taking cheer in the fact that I’ve had portions of vacations that passed with multiple days like this day.

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