Read away the day day

My favorite thing about K/1 Read Away the Day Day at school is that I get to call it Read Away the Day Day. Yes, that last day is superfluous, but like those people who enjoy misusing quotation marks, I enjoy superfluous words.

My second favorite thing about Read Away the Day Day, is that people come in costume to read. For this day, no one had volunteered for Kristen’s class, and so I was pulled into duty. The costume is all Kristen. I said I would wear whatever, as long as I didn’t have to think of the whatever. Kristen happily whipped me up this Sam costume. Do you like green eggs and ham?

3 thoughts on “Read away the day day”

  1. Love the costume. That sounds like a really fun day. I wish we had that at our school. I have never tried green eggs and ham, but I don’t know if I would like them. I tend to like toast with my eggs when they are cooked like that and you never hear anything about toast. So I think I would not like green eggs and ham, but I think should there ever be green eggs and toast you could count me in.

  2. How glad you must have been
    To see the kids greet you with a grin
    To be a character made well known
    By green egg and ham with a bone

    Very festive, you look
    And all to celebrate a book
    Or the joy that it is
    To sit and read in complete bliss!

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