Where that building used to be.

Remember my capturing the destruction of this block? You can see the posts here, here and here.

This is what it looks like now. This picture is taken from the opposite side of the block, but it affords the best view of the large hole in the ground.

The picture is a bit blurry, because I took it from the Max. I love that they dug such a vertical hole. Did you ever dig holes in your back yard as a kid? Mine were never anywhere near this neat and tidy. I also like looking at temporary infrastructure that has to be built so the building can be built. Like those stairs on the the left. What happens to them after they are no longer needed? Are they disassembled and moved to another job site?

3 thoughts on “Where that building used to be.”

  1. That hole is SO DEEP. I remember when I first took a peek and realized how deep it was; I was awed, esp. when I saw a man at the bottom of it, looking soooo small.

  2. Oh, it breaks my heart a little bit to see that building gone.

    When I first moved to Portland, they had just broken ground on the Fox Tower. The hole was a lot like the one you pictured here . . . just amazing, almost beautiful in a way.

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