President’s Day Walk

Kelly and I took a President’s Day walk. This was also from Portland City Walk. It is walk 3, the Fernhill Park to Alberta Street Loop. It was a nice stretch of the legs and there was a lot of nice architectural details and yard art.

Like this. Isn’t the stonework on this chimney fantabulous?
And if you can’t afford custom stonework, perhaps you can customize with records in the window.
Or buy or make a whirlygig for your yard.
Or paint a masterpiece on your door.
This was a fun side trip. On the side yard of a house, you can see the variety of rain barrels the Rainbarrel Man has for sale.
In that small space he had several different styles along with a price list. You could even get a do-it-yourself kit.
Even the trees were artful.
This house used a lot of river rock in its construction. A lot. I would love to hear how it was hauled there.
This cactus didn’t fare well in the snow. I’m not sure if it will recover.
The little yard art raccoon had red reflectors for eyes and looked quite evil.
We stopped to teeter totter. Earlier, at a different park we went on the most excellent merry-go-round and I found out that merry-go-rounds make me a little sick now. Plus, it is difficult to jump off of them and stay upright. The teeter totter is more my current style.
And these were awesome teeter-totters. They were adjustable! So excellent for the parent and the child who weighs a small fraction of the adult’s weight.

4 thoughts on “President’s Day Walk”

  1. As you can see I have just remembered you have a blog.

    Also, I am excited to be reminded of teeter-totters, because it occurs to me that my little terrier, who adores climbing out on fallen trees, would probably take very quickly to the joys of teeter-totterdom. I will try them out at the park next time I am there.

  2. Looks like a lovely walk. I really like the stonework. There are a few houses here with that charming look, but they are not typical to the popular colonial style that is ubiquitous here! Oh a teeter totter – I haven’t done that in ages. Hmm…I have not seen them at parks here. Sad… -S

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