Books read in March

Man, 2009 isn’t shaping up to be a good reading year. I’m not sure what is wrong.

What on Earth Have I Done?
Robert Fulghum
Nice collection of very short thoughts by the most famous Unitarian Universalist minister in the world.

The Given Day
Dennis Lehane
Okay, the only person who does star-crossed love better than Dennis Lehane is Aaron Sorkin. Based on the Boston Policemen Strike in the early 1900s, this is an action packed book that I devoured over a weekend. Great characters, great action, really bad villains, and Babe Ruth! Did I mention star-crossed love? Dennis Lehane rocks! Plus, a good reminder of the importance of the labor movement in our country.

Gardening When it Counts
Steve Soloman
Soloman gives advice about how to grow food when you don’t have much money and really, really need the food. I like this book because it is one of the few that repeatedly says, “you don’t need this and that and the other thing.” You only need these few things and you can get by without some of them.

Gardening Without Irrigation, or Without Much, Anyway
Steve Soloman
Specific to the Pacific Northwest, Soloman explains how to grow food without dragging the hoses around all the time and running water. I wondered how our pioneer ancestors watered everything without running water and this book sheds insight on that process. Very small book, but good information.

Started but did not finish
Your Backyard Herb Garden
Miranda Smith
Nicely illustrated informational book about the many different kinds of herbs you can plant for medicinal and culinary purposes. It also contains suggestions for a fragrant herb garden, a kitchen herb garden and a medicinal herb garden. I liked this book so much I bought it.

What Color is Your Parachute?
Richard Nelson Bolles
The classic “figure out who you are so you can find something you like to do for a living” book. I checked this out to read more about informational interviewing.

Did not even start.
A Perfect Revenge
Annabel Dilke
Maybe in the afterlife I will meet all these books I check out from the library and return unread. I will die, and then the first thing I will see after I go toward the white light will be hundreds of books I picked for their cover and never even cracked open. I’m not sure what will happen after that. Maybe I will perform an apology ceremony and move on toward the pearly gates. At any rate, this book will be among them.

2 thoughts on “Books read in March”

  1. I feel like I am reading 1/4 a book per month. I am so looking forward to my summer reading list! -S

  2. Not sure if you'll get this message–I havn't been noodling online for a while now that it's gardening season but wanted to check if you have read "Second Nature" by Michael Pollon? It's a scream! Okay, a nerdy gardener sort of scream, but you will laugh out loud. And there is information embedded therein. Go get it!

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