Things I love right now

It is still cold here and my toes freeze a bit in the evenings. Enter the hot water bottle! It looks exactly like the one we had when I was growing up and it is a low-tech way to keep my poor toes tosty warm before I fall asleep. Though it kind of reminds me of chin hairs and nursing home smells, I still like it.
These jars have changed my life! They are normal 4 oz jelly jars that are available at every Fred Meyer in Portland that I’ve been to, but they have transformed my brown bagging experience. I take breakfast and lunch to work with me every day and I tend to have a variety of different things. These tiny–actually they are normal serving sized, but they don’t seem it because our collective portion size is so bloated right now–jars let me take a bit of this or that. I eat less and still get all my options. They come with the rings and lids on the right, or you can buy the plastic lids that screw on both these and the half pint and pint jars.

2 thoughts on “Things I love right now”

  1. Hmm..I usually use and electric heating pad, but I better your water bottle would be a more more sustainable option! I love the jars – what great thinking! I bet that they never leak either! Very clever! -S

  2. I use one of these jars to keep the odd buttons I find in the dryer in. The lid keeps weird dryer fluff out. I am trying not to use the dryer as often, too, but Portland winters defeat me there.

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