29 June 2008. A picture from the Hungary/Romania trip.

On this day we attended church, where Dana gave a short sermon/talk, and we sat through all the Hungarian, (which was interesting, don’t get me wrong) then had a very delicious lunch at the church which included handmade donuts! Afterward, the group split up, some going to the Terrorhaza (museum of the secret police) with their hosts, while I went with the Beres family to an OMSI-like museum.

The two groups met at the church, and all of us from Oregon went on one of those sightseeing tour buses. This was great fun, as we had headphones and could scroll through the various languages, however, my camera died right after I took this picture from the castle grounds.

After our tour, we rejoined our host families and for dinner we had Italian food in the garden. It was lovely.

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