Three sentence movie reviews–Up

The montage at the beginning of the movie that shows the whole of Carl and Ellie’s relationship is perhaps one of the most perfect pieces of film making ever. A “family” movie you can bring your kids too, but adults in the audience will perhaps appreciate this adventure story in a way their children won’t be able to for a few decades. This will probably be a top 10 film for me this year, don’t you miss it.

Bechdel rating. Two women. Nope.

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  1. WE had not even pondered this movie. Which is strange because we have heard such good things about it. We better get it on our list! -S

  2. We took the girls to see it last month. I loved the montage too – it made me cry (almost Sara-like you know the loud, yelping version or maybe you have not had the privilege of going to a sad movie with her I still remember My Life and her sobbing – I digress! Tim's grandma died last year at the age of 91 after 65+ years of marriage so it hit way too close to home. We loved the movie – I love Pixar!!

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