Three sentence movie reviews–Lonesome Jim

Not as bad as the movie where Casey Affleck plays a slightly dumb landscaper, but almost. The best part of this movie was the preview for Clerks II. The movie itself perpetuates the belief that really stupid people live in small towns, as well as having an ending that had me crying, “Nooooooooo!” when I know the writer wanted me to feel happy.

Bechdel rating: Two women: nope.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews–Lonesome Jim”

  1. I do like Steve Bashimi or however you spell his name. It seems that younger Affleck often plays the dummie role. Wonder why?

  2. I think it is because his eyes. They can look a bit vacant when his mouth is hanging open. But in Gone Baby, Gone he plays my favorite fictional detective and is not dumb at all.

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