So, you have to work with me here. Nearly halfway down the picture is a piano.  And a tiny bit below the edge of the piano is a white blotch.  And that white blotch!  It’s Noam Chomsky’s hair!  Which is attached to the rest of Noam Chomsky, whom I heard speak!  I volunteered at First Unitarian where they were having some sort of social justice conference.  My job was to take tickets at the door, which was sort of easy, sort of hard.  The people in charge were expecting trouble, which wasn’t there at all. People were very chilled out.  Except the organizers.  One of them ended up screaming at me, which wasn’t so cool.  I hope she remembers that moment with shame for years. I was just a volunteer, for chrissake, trying to do my job as best I could under the circumstances.  At any rate, after I took all the tickets, I climbed up into the balcony and heard Noam speak.  Great fun!

4 thoughts on “Noam”

  1. How cool, My favorite grad school prof is personal friends with Noam and he liked to mention that they studied together!!!!

  2. I once heard Chomsky speak in 1991 at Brown University. I think he visited our semiotics class. What I mainly remember is A) I was awed because he was an Important Person, and B) I did not feel very smart because I could not understand much of what he said.

    Did you find his talk accessible?

  3. Umm. Not so much. I'm pretty much right there with your A & B. I left before the audience questions started. They may have been good, but I thought there was a high probablity that it would be a lot of questions designed to show Mr. Chomsky how smart the questioner is.

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