I’m a “retired” high school youth group leader, but one of my youth from last year was playing with a small Jazz combo with other high school students at Jimmy Macs. I went to see him with Dana, who runs the religious education program for youth at my church.

It had been so long since I’ve been to a club I had a strange moment with the bouncer. I stepped inside and he greeted me and we engaged in small talk. He was very friendly and smiley but he seemed to want something. Eventually it came to me. Right! Cover charge! I paid it and walked in.

Dana arrived and we both enjoyed the set. I was a below average high school musician, who enjoyed the ensemble factor more than actual practice and craft. So I’m always impressed by incredibly musical talent, which Tristan has. The energy of the group was high and they all enjoyed taking solos and were excited to play. They sounded tight and brassy and vibrant and I had a lovely evening.

2 thoughts on “Music”

  1. The bouncer indecent is so funny. Somehow that makes me think of April and I at the Crazy Horse. April in pastel and us likely looking like two girls from the country in the middle of the big dark club!

    As a non-musician I also marvel at real talent (which I would say that you had, BTW).

  2. not indecent (darn spell check – I wasn't watching too closely and eeeee-pc netbook typing with a mini keyboard…) incident


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