Kenton: G&H Meat Market

When I moved to the Kenton neighborhood in 2007, G&H Meat Market was the typical business in downtown Kenton. You could buy large packages of different cuts of meat and there were also basic grocery items available. It was a no-frills operation. I went in once, but none of the meat was free-range, organic, etc. and the standoffish attitude from the proprietor reminded me of South Boston, so I never bought anything from this store.

Still, I was surprised to find that it had gone out of business. Here is its corner location.

The windows that used to have the listings of packages of meat you could buy are now covered with white paper.

A liquor license notice has been posted. If approved, it looks like there will be a tavern here.

Looking south down the street.

The North side of the building. Across the street is the Cup and Saucer, which has delicious breakfasts.

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  1. That's too bad. I am sure it was a Mom and Pop operation. Our big box store market just kills these. We try to get to the Organic butcher in the area (near church – conveniently) at least once a month.

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