Springtime 2010: Rain Wins!

Yep. It rains here. But I must say that it usually doesn’t rain quite this long, hard and–let’s face it–Biblically, as it has this spring. We get rain, but we also get warmer days with sun and promises of summer. We bring out our sandals. We pull out our shorts and skirts and short-sleeve tops. Usually May is a great month, some rain, but a lot of sun and happiness.

Not this year. Day after day the rain hammers us. If we don’t get rain, we get gray skies all day long. And cold? It has been freezing. I’ve not worn sandals once and it is JUNE. One of my workmates checked into prices for a last-minute ticket to Las Vegas for the weekend where it is a lovely 90 degrees. But nothin’ doing. There were no cheap flights and so we are left huddled under blankets and longing for warm spring to arrive. Perhaps even before summer does.

One thought on “Springtime 2010: Rain Wins!”

  1. It is bad when you just have to give in!I hope for more sun in your future (well past at this point).

    Mwah ha!! 40+ posts commented on. Yippee! I am caught up! And ordering Burl Ives greatest hist for my ipod as I type…

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