Three sentence movie reviews: Hot Tub Time Machine

Four separate times during the movie Matt leaned over and said, “Remember, you were the one who chose this movie.” And indeed there was a lot–from a feminist perspective alone–to quibble with during the show. However, I thought they had a particularly brilliant way of showing the 40-ish actors as 20-year-olds and there were some laugh-out-loud funny parts.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Hot Tub Time Machine”

  1. This is on our netflix "q" not sure if I want to see it or not. You seem fairly ambivilant to it. I get that from Tim a lot – "you picked this movie." Of course, when it is a good one suddenly he inspired the selection. Hummmmm….

  2. I can be honest, I am surprised. It looked rather raunchy. I am just having flashbacks to when the guys in Gault dorm rented a portable hot-tub for the dorm parking lot (it was a cesspool of icky and I was shocked than any women got in there).

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