Three sentence movie reviews: The Other Guys

This was hilarious–I knew Will Ferrell was funny, and now I know he also makes a very good straight man. But who knew Mark Wahlberg was so funny? This movie also includes a very clever take on the “drink all night” scene as well as the best role I’ve seen Michael Keaton play in years.

ps: watch all the credits. You will get a good education about what financial reform bought us.

pps: Even if you only watch the opening scene you will laugh. The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson make excellent over-the-top buddy cops.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Other Guys”

  1. I pondered this movie, too. But we have not seemed to get out to movies so much lately. Perhaps its Netflix time!

  2. This is on my list of must see movies. I love Mark Wahlberg we have a long history together back in the days of his bad boy times even. I did know he was HILARIOUS and can honestly say I have loved every movie he has been in so far!!Plus, he is soooooo easy on my eyes.

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