Well, I’ve got one more day and I’m not going to totally catch up. I’ve been working like a dog since September fifth and I was hoping that by tomorrow I would be caught up to present day. But I’ve got the by-ear harmony singing class tomorrow which will cut into the blog posting time. Even if I do four posts (my redoubling of effort goal) I will still have about three more posts on this blog, plus whatever I need to do for September for The Orange Door blog. So, I’m not to present day, but much, much closer than I was on Friday August 20.

Overall, a “good job me” award. Into the breach!

2 thoughts on “Sigh.”

  1. YES!!! Applause! Applause! I am SO SO SO impressed. You win the Sara Sterner Honorary Block Catch Up Rock Star award! Well done you!

  2. I second this applause!!! I did not even try to catch up my blog I just started over it was just too much for me.

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