Three sentence movie reviews: Youth in Revolt

Should I ever need a nom de plum, Francois Dillinger will be it. Overall, this movie was a bit slow, but with some delightful scenes that are worth sitting through the whole thing. The “dark” Michael Cera, not surprisingly, is much like the “light” Michael Cera, but with an amusing edge.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Youth in Revolt”

  1. PCC-I feel that somewhere in you is a teenage boy who selects some of these movies. 🙂 I like Michael Cera, so that might be nice. But he often plays the same person, it seems to me.

  2. Well, one of my diatribes is that too many movies are made for teenaged boys and not enough for teenaged girls, let alone those of us in other age groups. So of course I watch a lot of teenage boy movies. Also, they never made moves set in high school when WE were in high school which left me with a large void in my soul, clearly.

    The "Michael Cera plays the same person" conundrum was my motivation to see this, as he also played his evil alter ego and I was curious what that would be.

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