20MPDC 5/17/11

Well, I reported something this week, but blogger chose to roll back things to Wednesday, thus erasing the hours of work on the blog I did on Thursday. I am not at all happy with blogger at this moment.

Thursday 5/12/11
I did work today but blogger erased it.

Friday 5/13/11

Saturday 5/14/11

Sunday 5/15/11

Monday 5/16/11
I spent half of the time choosing a photo for the “about” page on the harvest helper site. Then I spent the rest of the time unsuccessfully loading the photo onto the site. Why did I think doing this in wordpress would be a good idea? I do not find wordpress user friendly AT ALL. I will try again tomorrow.

Tuesday 5/17/11

One thought on “20MPDC 5/17/11”

  1. Big blogger bummer. Everyone was so mad – and fairly so. Annoying. Your comments from that day finally got put back as well. I just don't get how that happens. We are committed to blogger at this point…but if that happens again… I just lucked out by my busy-ness and was not posting that day!

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