Poem for August: Mentor

Another modern one, so you must click on the link: http://www.loc.gov/poetry/180/163.html

Poetry that rhymes is much easier to memorize, in my opinion. It’s probably because I am walking or riding my bike while memorizing and the beat of the words meshes nicely with the beat of the poem. I’m not a poet, but sometimes I think the imposed structure of “must rhyme” would be an interesting guideline while writing. It seems that most modern poets aren’t so interested in the whole rhyme scheme thing, which is cool, but the rhyme was what attracted me to this poem. I was interested to note that the poem was originally published in a poetry journal completely dedicated to metrical poetry and I thought I should check out this journal. Alas, it was last published in 2004 according to a wiki stub.
Oh well, I’ll have to find my metered poems elsewhere. Like, say: the past. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Poem for August: Mentor”

  1. Well, your teacher friend finds that completely moving and very compelling. I might even have a bit of a tear in my eye.

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