“Just one thing” mission accomplished again.

We (meaning Matt drove) took everything to Goodwill! It was such a relief. A lot of that stuff has been sitting on the shelf by the front door for more than a year, waiting to go to Goodwill. The shelf has been completely cleared off and I put it out on the parking strip as “free stuff.” It was gone before we came home from the gym. So now I have a clear area by my door. The plan now is that we will keep anything that needs to go to Goodwill in a bag in our room, and the door will stay clear of debris. This feels much better. As a lot of the Goodwill stuff was stacked in the storage shed, it also allowed me to clear that space and move the potatoes out to the storage shed instead of having them stacked along the wall in my room. So two areas in the house are clear.

Also! I asked, and Goodwill took the broken printer and broken toaster. I thought we would have to make a separate trip to the recycling center, but they took everything! Hurrah!

One thought on ““Just one thing” mission accomplished again.”

  1. YAY!!! I like that one "just one thing" accomplished a whole lot more than one thing! That is my kind of 'just one thing' to be done!

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