Three sentence movie reviews: Bright Star

Much like Paul Schneider(!)’s character I really didn’t get what John Keats saw in Fanny Brawne and so was befuddled for much of this movie, and thus missed tapping in to the star-crossed love. This was kind of slow, but I’m not really sorry I watched it. The director’s interviews at the end were nicely illuminating.

5 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Bright Star”

  1. Oh dear, that is two in a row I called by the wrong name. I had "music for melancholy" as "medicine for melancholy." At least with that one I actually read the poster. I've changed it now!

  2. You know what is funny about this movie? I could never get the title down. I would say to Shawn I want to see that one movie about a writer and his love, oh what's it called. Somehow, for me, the title never stuck. It took a pretty fun guessing game on Netflix to figure out what we I wanted to see! So, I would say that it has something to do with the name…

  3. I could probably do a fun Facebook post about "movies with forgettable names." Example: "Going the Distance" which was a great Drew Barrymore romantic comedy I greatly enjoyed, but completely forgot the title. Except probably no one would be able to remember the names and would post answers like, "that CIA one where the guy from 'Orchard Thief' is bad and the rookie has to expose him."

    Note: that that WAS a really good movie. I just can't remember the title.

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