What I want for Christmas

Smart Car wants people to drive them. So they set up on Broadway, right across the park from my work. I wandered over and got a test drive and a ten dollar gift certificate to the Pearl Bakery. They were fun to drive and now I know what you can get me for Christmas.

Only $12,000-$17,000 and you can make my wish come true.

3 thoughts on “What I want for Christmas”

  1. A Ham and Fontina sandwich and one of those "grandmother would roll over in her grave to know I just paid $3.75 for a cookie" cookies. Picture two chocolate shortbread cut in a shape (star in this case) with white chocolate sandwiched between and then halfway dipped into dark chocolate. Devine!

  2. I want one too! I call them meep-meeps and say to Shawn, "Look there is a meep-meep!" whenever I see them! So adorable! When I win the lottery or become independently wealthy!!

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