Sabbath report February Sundays

February 5

Lovely, lovely, LOVELY day! There was reading and napping in bed. There was watching a movie. There was walking to the park, sitting in the sun and writing a letter. There was idly reading email. And then, because I felt so rested, I happily ended my Sabbath and cooked the vegetables I didn’t have time to cook yesterday, so I would have something to eat this week.

February 12
I was lazy on Saturday and didn’t get anything done and so it was a struggle to have a rest day today. But the last time I tried this Sabbath thing that was exactly what sunk the project: I would be lazy on Saturday and then feel like I had to work on Sunday to make up for it. Today I read in bed for a long time then went for a walk and had a delicious lunch at Saraveza and walked home for more reading.
February 19
I had a volunteer work shift at church today during the second service and so I went to that. The rest of the day (both before and after) I spent reading. Which is not exciting for you to read about, but was quite nice for me.
February 26
Good, I think. I apparently forgot to report and here it is March and I remember nothing.

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