Requiem: 3 shirts

A coworker at Bread and Circus gave this to me for my birthday one year.  At the time, I was wearing army pants with inserts of plaid down the side seams (it was the late 90s.) She thought this shirt would go nicely with those pants.  I disagreed (too much army in one place for an unenlisted person) but I wore the heck out of this shirt. It’s pretty threadbare.  I also used to often wear it without a bra.  (See above about late 90s)
When I lived in Somerville, a thrift store opened and I found this shirt there.  I loved it because the 1984 games were the first Olympics I remembered.  I probably would have had memories of the 1980 games, but there was that pesky boycott.  I think the thrift store was supporting a charity that turned out not to be so charitable and that’s why I can’t find the thrift store in the quick internet search I did.  I used to exercise in this, pairing it with men’s boxer briefs.  Again, it was the late 90s.
I believe this was my first eBay purchase.  At the time, I was really interested in bicycle touring and I bought this shirt for something like $4.00.  It was a great deal and a great biking shirt.  However, I haven’t worn it in years.  So it’s off to the Goodwill to make someone else happy.  Knowing the Goodwill’s pricing structure, the happy recipient will most likely pay more than $4.00.

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