Requiem: tank top, jewelry box, mirror, bag.

This was a great tank top which I bought at the Junior League Thrift Shop soon after I came to Portland, when that Thrift Shop was located downtown.  It moved (there’s now a vitamin store where it used to be) and eventually closed, much to my horror as it reliably had good stuff.  There was a mattress store occupying the space, but I think that’s turned over too.  I loved the stripy nature of this tank top, but I think my advancing age means I can no longer go without a bra.  And I don’t care to invest in a strapless bra just for one shirt.
I was 18 and off to college.  My family dropped me off at my school, but before they did we stopped to visit Aunt Fran and Uncle Stacy.  At some point in the visit, Aunt Fran offered me this jewelery box.  “I thought you might want to have some place to put your jewelry,” she told me.  I hadn’t thought of that, and I didn’t really have much jewelry, but I liked the idea and happily accepted.
It’s been a good jewelry box and served me well. Now it’s time for someone else to use it.
I can’t remember when I bought this mirror, but it was pretty significant for a stage of my life.  It might have been the stage with roommates, when you can’t spent forever in the bathroom, so some of the grooming migrates to your room.  It’s a great mirror, with standard and magnifying options.
I find it strange how I get attached to the oddest things.  I’ve had this bag from the Gap for over ten years.  I can even remember the two pair of jeans that the bag transported home for me.  For years, this bag has held a leotard, tights and ballet slippers.  I’ve decided to let all of the objects go.  Thanks Gap bag, for being a plastic bag in my drawer for so many years.

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  1. I love your requiem posts as they are a view into a past version of you and a revelation of a current version of you.

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