Three sentence movie reviews: Magic Mike*

So what if your teenage daughter wants to see Magic Mike?  I say let her.  It has some pretty good messages going for it:  drugs are not so great, the main female character is pretty awesome, and in general, stripping is not the best way to make a living, even if you are a guy.

Cost:  $7.00

Where:  Livingroom Theater

*Yes, I

saw it again

.  Yes, I paid matinee prices again. Yes, it was still good.  It’s my vacation, dammit, I can see the same movie twice if I want to.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Magic Mike*”

  1. I am waiting for this one to come out on video. I'm not a fan of the main actor, but I like Soderbergh's work.

  2. I was promised to see this movie over the summer with a teacher friend. So I saved it for her. Then it was a not happening. Too bad, I could have seen it with another friend. Now it may just go unwatched. Moop!

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