Three sentence movie reviews: Red Dawn

I hadn’t seen this since I was fifteen or so and though the opening scenes were awesome, it slowly but surely rolled down into mediocre territory from there.  I think one of the problems was that all the boys looked alike which made it hard for me to feel sad when something happened to one of them because I couldn’t tell which one it was.  Also, the many gratuitous shots of the various characters shooting their guns made me realize we used to see that all the time in movies and now we never see that, probably due to advances in computer animation; before showing us what happened after the bullets were fired was an expensive endeavor and we had to use our imaginations, now it’s just computer generated and we can see what the gunfire does.

Cost:  free from library
Watched: at home.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Red Dawn”

  1. I've never even seen a Rambo movie, yet when you mention "gratuitous gun firing," I can clearly picture Stallone in my head, firing a machine gun in epic slo mo. Lol. Now they only do that in movies as a spoof/joke.

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