“we think you will be too!”

My whole life the newspaper people have been changing around the paper which drives me out of my mind. On top of switching up things that are just fine they way they are is that they always say something to the effect of, “And we think you will love it too!”

Um, no.  It makes no sense to me to put the “living” stuff with the “travel” stuff and make the “arts” stuff separate.  The former section with the “living” and “arts” together with a separate “travel” section was working just fine for me.  But clearly someone needed to justify keeping their job, or needed a promotion or something, so I will roll with it until you change things up again and I get annoyed all over again.

One thought on ““we think you will be too!””

  1. This is the kind of stuff that irks me, too I completely agree with you. I HATE CHANGES LIKE THIS!!! Truthfully, being persnickety is hard work!

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