Three sentence movie reviews: Trucker

This movie had what is usually the kiss of death for me:  the snotty kid.  But the acting was fabulous (Michelle Monaghan brought her usual A game, Nathan Fillion was a likable companion and Jimmy Bennett straddled the “angry kid” role) and the plot was not only about a woman, but the kind of working class woman we rarely see on the screen.  This was 90 minutes of perfect movie, as far as I’m concerned and you should go and watch it today.

Cost:  Free from library
Where watched: at home.

(version 1 of the poster was hideous! No wonder this movie never went anywhere!)

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Trucker”

  1. I think there were not two women in it, so no. And since there was not two women, they couldn't talk to each other and all the talk was about a man, albeit a 12-year-old. So it doesn't come close to passing the Bechedel test, but it is a movie completely focused on a woman, so that's a good thing. Plus good acting etc. what I said above.

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