Books read in January 2013

It’s 1/4 of the way through February and I haven’t written any of these reviews.  I’m going to do them now and I’m going to make them short.

White Teeth
Zadie Smith
Read for Kenton Book Group
Loved it!  Funny!  Really crappy ending, but the rest was so delightful Zadie Smith is forgiven.  Also funny in a way you can read it on the train without people looking at you like you are a crazy person. It is more of a “snort to yourself” rather than a “cackle out loud.”

Jodi Lynn Anderson
I got this because I loved the writing in the author’s Tiger Lily and I wanted to see if this had similar writing.  Alas it did not.  It was a solid good female friendship book, but not much else to write home about.

A New Dress A Day
Marisa Lynch
Interesting.  I think I will never do anything she does in this book, but I was curious to see how she transformed things.

Telegraph Ave
Michael Chabon
I don’t so much read novels by Michael Chabon as I immerse myself in words.  His novels are made up of a lot of words and this one is no different.  There were so many words, I couldn’t finish them all in a three-week period and had to return the book and request it again.

If you don’t mind immersing yourself in words, this book is a joy to read.  It’s full of interesting characters of many different generations, set in an interesting place and comes complete with an interesting plot.

Started and didn’t finish
Nothing Daunted
Dorothy Wickenden
I wanted to like this book, but the whole thing felt rather padded.  There were all sorts of digressions which were kind of interesting, but not really.  I probably would have eventually ambled to the end of the book, but it was called back to the library.

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