The preferred method.

This is a moot point because I’ve switched over to an electronic calendar, but I need to point out to nearly all of the planner makers that the above is a better setup than five days the same size and Saturday/Sunday sharing one space.   We have things to do on the weekend.  Lots of things.  It used to drive me crazy, having acres of space to write things Monday through Friday and then squeezing in the Saturday and Sunday details.  Here Monday through Thursday share one page and the remaining three days share the other.

One thought on “The preferred method.”

  1. I concur. In fact, most people tend to be busier on the weekend than they are any other day of the week. I used to print out month calendars (or, back in the day, I had a wall calendar) and would squeeze all my appointments into those little boxes. But in recent years my schedule hasn’t been full enough to bother.

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