3 thoughts on “Someone has a little too much discretionary spending money.”

  1. Ugh, "my parents pay for a parking garage but I can’t be bothered to use it" just makes me want to weep. By the time I turned 22, my mom had long since stopped paying for anything for me. I would have been embarrassed to have her supporting me. I don’t understand the freeloader mentality at all. Also, I’m kind of surprised they bother to ticket UPS trucks. I always assumed they got a free pass.

  2. Eleven thousand dollars i parking tickets? And she has a paid for parking space? And her parents quickly paid for it? And she is still allowed the car? And her car wasn’t booted or impounded for tickets? WTF? Entitlement much?

  3. Oh millennials! 🙂 I like that she was outed by this listing. I wonder if her rents cut down on her cash flow after this.

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